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Pakistan textile department welcome give India most-favoured-nation treatment

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Pakistan an influential textile trade to lobby senior officials Ahsan Bashir ( Ahsan Bashir ) said: " the recent Pakistan granted MFN status to India ( MFN ), we advocate and India open trade, India and Pakistan's textile industry should explore their own competitive advantage. "
Pakistan textile department recently more attention to immediate cancel the negative list. It suggested, should be reviewed in detail the negative list, discussion among stakeholders, listen to their views. Therefore, trade organization lobbied officials made the above comments.
Pakistan textile department believes that, due to rapid Pakistan decided to India textile market opening, therefore, the domestic textile industry in the future do not see hope. The textile Ministry said, allow India textiles enjoy most-favoured-nation treatment to enter the domestic market to lower tariffs, the domestic textile industry enterprises will be devour. The textile Ministry also said, before cutting down the negative list, should build competitiveness for domestic textile enterprises enough time.
All Pakistan Textile Mills Association ( APTMA ) President Mr. Ahsan Bashir said, the most favored state-owned to countries the most advantageous areas. For example, Pakistan's advantage in cheesecloth and coarse cotton field. We should be on India exports of these products, instead of China and other countries. "
" Similarly, India has the advantage of fine cotton yarn and polyester products. Should develop opportunities for India enterprises, the products are exported to Pakistan. At present Pakistan is importing these goods from other countries. The biggest advantage is to reduce transportation costs and shorten delivery time. "
India India Textile Industry Federation ( CITI ) secretary-general DK Mr. Nair said: " India has given Pakistan the most favored nation status, however, India did not encounter problems, now, also, the textile industry of Pakistan should not worry after India granted MFN treatment will have any problems. "

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