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The textile industry: traditional spot transactions to electronic business extension

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November 29th - Guangzhou business community in the textile business circle is the two large textile cluster bases. Nandu reporter recently visited the values rise large earliest professional market in Guangzhou International Textile City found that, in addition to the street shops are still business people, many enterprises are responding in cloth "guanghuo NETVIGATOR " called for the network marketing and professional design.
" The traditional spot transaction is extended to the electronic commerce, textile city launched a special network trading platform in January, is expected to boost trade standardization, scientific statistics and overall analysis, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain. " Guangzhou International Textile City relevant operators responsible person to accept the Nandu reporters said, this is the most difficult year, but have bottomed out.
Textile industry dilemma " this year the bottom "
The context of the global economic downturn, not only the textile, all industries are affected by the. Guangzhou International Textile City is currently trading above 90% is single, but the relevant responsible person said, from the second half of last year began to decline, began operating difficulties.
How to change the predicament? Textile City responsible person revealed, earlier had intended to do credit records, the dishonest merchant to be delisted, but later found that these do not need operators to purchase " very smart ". The market survival of the fittest in the cruel competition obviously. According to his introduction, a number of line boss also think, this is the most difficult year, " should be to the bottom ".
" Hard times, we play emphasis on specialized trade promotion department and service team, for merchants to provide legal services, such as promotion services, financial services, logistics services, multi-level services. " Guangzhou International Textile City operators responsible person said to reporters in Nandu, the operator also works closely on the positive and relevant industry associations, business organizations, businesses of various promotion activities held regularly.
In addition, follow up the grasp of businesses in the brand and fashion trends. Conference trends Textile City and association of industry of China Textile Information Center exclusive cooperation sharing the introduction of international trends, including color, cut, style, one year ahead of the trend prediction, the convenience of customers goods production. " At present has persisted for 5 years, doing 10. In addition to help customers, but also attracted many designers and professional students to learn, not only adhere to the brand, but also the cultivation of talents. "
E-commerce platform for a year
" Merchants are now seeking transformation, optimization and innovation in the industry. " Guangzhou International Textile City relevant operators responsible person told the reporter in Nandu, for managers must follow the general trend, " begin to do electronic business affairs last year, in October of this year officially launched. Because the textile city is individual and small owners consisting mainly of professional market, the need to promote large-scale platform. "
The personage introduction, textile city built a platform release rental product information, business exclusive advantages can display on the platform, including the store image, product information are collected on the site optimization arrangement. This can help businesses more channels to promote, develop customer.
After the electronic commerce platform, some trading platform next B 2B will also further enhance the on site. The platform display, the most attention is often the brand propaganda leading merchant. This textile city regularly organize brand exhibition and new product launches, help the long-term cooperation to promote the brand clothing enterprise value and fabric business.
Electric business platform to help the unfolding transition. But the textile city some line boss said, electric business becomes the main sales channels needed time to hatch, " because the cloth is still need to feel the texture. Business for our propaganda, customer development, third party support, help, but has not yet opened.

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