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Xiuzhou built national textile fabrics branch library

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Jiaxing, 28 November Xinhua ( trainee reporter Shi Tianxing District reported group Wu Guichao Shen Xin ) today, in Jiaxing city Xiuzhou District wangjiangjing Town, National Textile Museum Wang Jiang Jing branch official award, become one of the highlights of the third session of the Jiaxing Southern Textile Fair.
" In the library as the platform, the local textile enterprises will get more business opportunities. " General manager of the National Textile Museum assistant Liu Changjiang introduced, the Wang Jiangjing branch display more than 3000 pieces of fabric, covering more than 20 varieties, production by 48 local enterprises.
It is reported, Wang Jiang Jing town is " China knitting town", the town of existing textile enterprises more than 380, in 2011 the town of textile industry achieved sales revenues of 9100000000 yuan "

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