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Innovation transformation textile industry break through road

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" Now low-grade and high-grade products sell well, middle gear product doesn't sell well. " The general manager of Shaoxing Dream City Textile Co. Ltd., said Chen Yang, the lack of product innovation and the homogenization of competition has become the urgent problem of small and medium-sized textile enterprises. The development of the textile industry for more than ten years, or the original products, like warm boiled frog, discovered the crisis it has been unable to resist, became a pressing matter of the moment the current small and medium-sized textile enterprises.
" A lack of funds, lack of courage Gap Road, of course. " Chongqing Qiangli mentioned transformation, manufacturing limited company manager Xiao Benwei said, this requires a process, need to guide and support the government, more need bold innovation of enterprises.
Chen Yang think, like Wei bridge those big enterprises can engage in more technical, do a high-tech products, to increase their competitiveness in the international market, it can also leave some opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises. This won't solve the whole industry problems in essence, but the small and medium-sized enterprise or solution as pressing danger.
"In the past, some single day, although they are very high quality requirements, but after all, still have profit, now because of political reasons fail completely, also do not want to do business with them. " An enterprise has to focus on Europe and the United States market responsible person said, now outside the single also dare not take big list, also can choose those to ensure the credibility of the customers. Europe and the United States over the economic situation is not good, a wind sways grass., is a big loss.
In addition, the fracture of folk microfinance funds chain, also " injury " many textile enterprises, and even put some textile enterprises because of funding constraints to direct the closure. In the current situation, shortage of funds is the last straw part edge enterprise " ". National ambiguous attitude to folk microfinance and high interest temptation to some textile enterprises luck, but hidden once the crisis broke out, these small and medium-sized enterprise boss will look down from heaven to hell, had to shut down.
In Zhejiang province by the Deputy Secretary General of the Chongqing chamber of Commerce Wang Dehua organized the forum, a lack of credibility problems of industry, participate in the discussion of textile enterprises Mister who all have deep feeling. Mister, even the old customers, operating in the impossible conditions, will be cheated out of a single shipment, walk away, what is more direct to be put after the cancellation of the company, also do not deny, but the government of these people are not well constrained and punishment mechanism, etc. the situation better, they'll register a company, still do business. This kind of phenomenon makes regular business enterprises are suffering, they called on the government to establish the integrity of network system, once the enterprise has not good record, let him in the industry and other industry is no longer a place to live in.

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