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Latex Warping Machine

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Latex Warping Machine

Latex Warping Machine has Yarn reed stretchable device can be adjusted on warp density.
Electronic counter can be set on random length, to ensure accurate quantity and avoid yarn waste.
Auto yarn cutting brake device to ensure timely brake before yarn’s entry into the warp bean.
Creel precise yarn feeder can make sure same tension from start warping to finish.
Beam size can be provided on customers’ choice or designed on customers’ needs.


The warping angle is kept constant and the Pressure between the drive roller and the beam is brought about by an air pressure system,permitting a variation according to requirements.
Latex Warping Machine that it composed rubber positive feeding creel with micro adjustment device for easily adjustment of rubber’s tension.
Special designed similality controlled system and micro adjustment device instead of transportation axle can easily installing in any space.
The machine is equipped with length setting counter and expansion reed attachment which is provided easily operation and adjustment.
Latex Warping Machine has positive type give glue shelf, adjustable elastic tension of line balanced, Guarantee from beginning to finishing tension unanimous, adopt the advanced electron automatic control device, Guarantee and break and brake and stop before entering coiled hair, but wanton to adjust yarn lines count and rank the same coiled hair width, Have free length establish and park the device , guarantee that requires the ration to reduce the waste accurately.

Machine are used to warp different length and thickness and pull intensity yarns raw material including rubber yarn elastic yarn and spandex yarn and so on How the machine works There warpers are built for direct warping textile s latex Spandex rubber thread Warping can be effected on one of beams at a time special attachments guarantee a perfect uniformity of tension of all ends from the beginning to the end of the warping operation

MODEL GNW-60 Gnw-72
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